If the debtor has elected to remit the required plan payment directly to the Trustee (rather than through a payroll deduction), there are four (4) options available.

1. Payment by mail using either a money order or cashiers check. PERSONAL CHECKS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. The debtors name and case number must be included on the money order or cashiers check. The payment must be made payable to Locke D. Barkley, Trustee and mailed to:

Locke D. Barkley, Trustee
P.O. Box 1859
Memphis, TN 38101

2. Payment through an automatic draft (or debit) from the debtors checking or savings account. Automatic debits are made twice each month. Funds will be pulled on either the 5th and the 19th day of each month. To participate in the automatic debit payments, an authorization form must be completed by the debtor and returned to the Trustee. There is a separate form for each day. Please use the correct form. Do not send both forms unless you intend for the debtors account to be debited twice each month. If the 5th or the 19th falls on a weekend or bank holiday, the debit will be processed the following business day.

The forms and instructions are available by CLICKING HERE.

3. Online payment through a third party provider that has been selected by the Trustee. Payments can be remitted using TFS (tfsbillpay.com). This option allows the debtor to initiate the payment to the Trustee on a date of the debtors choosing. Clink on the link above for more information. Please note that there is a five (5) business day delay between when the payment is initiated and when it is received by the Trustee.

4. In cooperation with TFS, payments can be made using the services of MoneyGram. These payments are electronically processed and the funds are received by the Trustee on the next business day. You must register separately with TFS to use this service, and registration is only available by telephone. To register please call (888) 739-2749.

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