Contact List

Telephone number: (601) 355-6661

The Trustee’s office cannot provide legal advice. If your question involves legal issues, please contact your attorney.

Following is a list of staff members to contact for specific issues. Unless you know which staff member to contact for your specific question or issue please contact Sallie first at extension 221.

General information and help with connecting to the proper staff member
Sallie McLaurin, ext. 221

CASE ANALYSTS (by debtor’s last name)

Debtor’s last name beginning with B, E, F, M, U, V, W, X, Y, Z
Andrea Monsour, ext. 247.

Debtor’s last name beginning with C, D, G, I, J, P, Q, R
Tan Cook , ext. 226.

Debtor’s last name beginning with A, H, K, L, N, O, S, T
Casey Collins, ext. 251.

Case Manager
Mandy Mott, ext. 254.

Bookkeeping/Wage Withholdings
David McLaurin, ext. 228.

Mortgage Claims Analyst
Nanette Palmer, ext. 239.

Claims Analyst (non-mortgage)
Fadee Adams, ext. 244

New Case Intake/Noticing
Daphne Whittington, ext. 235

Legal Department
Sandy Smith, ext. 257. Direct fax (601)-326-0337

Paden Martin, ext. 236

Email proposed orders for Trustee approval to

Attorneys for the Trustee

(if you are represented by an attorney DO NOT contact the Trustee’s attorney)

W. Jeffrey Collier, ext 262

Melanie T. Vardaman, ext. 255

Ms. Locke D. Barkley, ext. 223
Email Ms. Barkley



  • Locke Barkley, Chapter 13 Trustee
  • 6360 I-55 North, Suite 140
  • Jackson, MS 39211
  • PH. (601) 355-6661
  • Fax. (601) 355-8736

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